Transcreation is an important aspect of a company’s marketing strategy in a foreign market. It is important that an organization is able to speak to its customers in a language they understand and are comfortable with.

Many marketing and advertising campaigns appeal to a customer’s sense of familiarity by using colloquialisms and utilizing language registers that bring about a positive emotional response towards the product.

A number of advertising campaigns have been so successful that their brand names, colors, logos and slogans are immediately recognizable, regardless of language and cultural barriers. 

However, a number of concerns need to be taken in to account before a message can be brought over from one culture into another.

Chief among these concerns is whether the target language has a literal equivalent of the message intending to be conveyed. There are many expressions used frequently in one language, that when translated in to another would seem bizarre. Similarly, tone, context and cultural sensitivities must be acknowledged before a corporate message is disseminated in a foreign market.

One of SALT Group’s core operating principles is the use of native speakers of the target language. This feature of our operation means our translators and marketing professionals have a clear idea of what will get through to customers, ensuring the quality of your product is well reflected in advertising and marketing material. 

We use only qualified professionals with a proven track record in the fields of marketing, advertising and public relations. This makes sure that your product maintains a competitive advantage in the target market.