Localization is the way a product or service is adapted to meet the requirements of a specific language or culture. Translation is one component of the localization process, but many factors must be taken in to consideration to fully localize a product. 

These components include the technical characteristics of the native language, such as left-right script and right-left script, cursive and non cursive, capitalization, dating and timing conventions. 

However, localization also includes cultural, legal and political considerations specific to speakers of a particular language. What is considered customary in one country might cause cultural sensitivity in another and certain colloquialisms may not be the same in the target language. 

Political boundaries and their associated naming conventions are an important consideration in product localization, as any error could potentially deter huge customer bases.

The main field in need of localization today is Information Technology and our efforts are primarily catered to it. The inter-dependency of IT and localization is such that it is difficult to tell whether it is localization that makes IT accessible to the world or vice versa. Our ethos is based on the understanding that the two are inseparable.

At SALT Group, we provide packaged localization services for software applications, websites, mobile phone Applications, and multimedia products. We also offer on demand services tailored to the requirements of our clients. Our experienced localization team includes software engineers, effective team leaders, project managers and native speaking linguists.

After we receive your localization request, we deconstruct your requirements and analyze them to identify your needs. We then ensure that the most appropriate and qualified team works on the project.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of products we work on;

  • Software User Interface 
  • User Assistance and Help Files
  • Product Documentation 
  • Marketing Materials 
  • Website and Online Content 
  • Mobile Applications and User Manuals 
  • E-Learning Applications 
  • Training Materials 
  • Corporate Marketing and Legal Materials.