Localization involves the adaptation of a product to conform to the linguistic, cultural, political and legal demands of a foreign market. While the essence of the product or service remains the same, the process sometimes requires changes to the settings or programming of a product. 

Such adaptations are particularly relevant to software products, and websites. Before the finished product may be ready for distribution in the target market, it must go through another process of quality assurance and functionality testing. This ensures performance of the localized product is comparable in function and user experience to the original.

A polished end product, free of glitches and localization errors, makes sure the product retains its respect among clients while helping to increase your organisation's customer base.

SALT's testing services include a comprehensive set of measures before a product is cleared for distribution. Our tests for the localization process focus on many components including but not limited to;

  • The functionality of the finished product
  • Ensuring the accuracy of the translation and making sure there are no typographical mistakes.
  • Ensuring product manuals and user guides do not contradict product attributes and compliment the User Interface.
  • Ensuring product formats and user input conform to the conventions of the target market. (Dating and timing conventions, units of measurement, etc)
  • Ensuring cultural and legal suitability.