Finance-Legal Translation


SALT Group Financial and Legal translation services department  provide a quick, accurate and professional translation of all types of legal and financial documentation.

SALT Group provides legal translation services for all kinds of legal documentation including compliance documents, insurance, contracts, agreements, legal correspondence and technical documentation.

Our financial translation service department we provide services for all types of documents from annual reports, financial statements, taxation documents, auditors reports. 

The importance of accurate legal translation cannot be understated, as any discrepancies can result in loss and delay of business transactions, damage to an organization’s reputation and at worst, legal action. That is why it is vital that clients choose legal translators that can guarantee that the translated texts hold true to the original documents while taking into consideration local legal systems.

Our network of professional legal/finance translators are high caliber legal/finance graduates who are at ease with both the legal/finance language of both the source material and the target text. We also maintain comprehensive and updated legal/finance dictionaries for our projects.